Inspired by the wild, the healing and nourishing power of plants, and the simplicity of nature, Wild Earth Botanics was created. We are social brand harnessing the power of plant life to bring you deliciously pure, natural botanical oils and skin care blends. With an increasing demand for high-quality natural products, we have embarked on a journey to source the cleanest and purest botanical oils and essences while at the same time working on a grass root level by supporting small scale farmers. We stay true to the wild, with no harmful preservatives, silicone's, or packaging. We do not advocate the testing of cosmetics on animals.


We are eco-friendly and source all our ingredients locally


Our Wild Earth dream is to convince you to make the next best step of your life and choose a completely natural and effective brand that supplies you with the cleanest and purest natural oils, blends, and essences.


All our products all derived from raw and wild harvested healing plants.

Our dream is an exciting concept; that all you need is pure wild earth! 

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