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Fractionated coconut oil is made from regular coconut oil and mainly consists of the medium-chain fatty acids caprylic acid and capric acid. Fractionated coconut oil is often used in cosmetics and skin care products because it is liquid at room temperature and has a longer shelf life than other types of coconut oil. It is also  more absorbent and less oily than other forms of coconut oil.

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Fractionated coconut oil is obtained from coconut oil in a method that separates out the different types of fats present in the oil. This is done by heating coconut oil beyond its melting point, and as it cools removing the parts of the coconut oil that solidify. These are called the long-chain triglyceride, they are responsible for the hardening of coconut oil. This method produces a liquid oil.

In FCO, the medium-chain triglycerides are retained preserving many healing benefits like moisturizing and hydrating the skin.

Unlike regular coconut oil that is in a solid-state and only liquid at a warmer temperature (76 F or above), fractionated coconut oil is always in liquid form. This is great for your essential oils because it will allow you to apply your oils a lot easier and without a greasy feeling on the skin after use

Fractionated coconut oil offers a long list of uses for therapeutic applications. It is ideal as a carrier oil for essential oils due to its quick absorption and odorless quality. Here are just some of the applications you can use it in:

  • Massage oils
  • Nourishing moisturizers
  • Hair treatments
  • Roll on Remedies
  • Soap Recipes
  • Bath & Body Blends

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